June 28, 2019

Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures invests in water treatment innovator Typhon Treatment Systems Ltd.

Typhon Treatment Systems, an innovator in energy efficient water treatment technology, announces it has closed a financing round led by Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures (SAEV), the corporate venturing subsidiary of Aramco, the world’s largest integrated energy company.

Typhon Treatment System’s innovation is in a new generation of industrial and municipal water disinfection products, which use energy efficient LED based UV light emitters. Typhon’s proprietary reactor design enables treatment of large volumes of water whilst having low electricity consumption, no use of chemicals, and significantly simplified operations. Typhon’s technology provides lower lifetime cost of ownership, and environmental health and safety benefits, compared to today’s mercury-based UV systems or chlorination. Typhon is currently making inroads into the UK utilities market, and is expected to expand its customer base significantly in the coming months and years.

Richard Riggs of SAEV Europe commented “We see Typhon’s technology as having the potential to provide substantial benefits to the global water industry – both environmental and economic, and we look forward to seeing the technology being used globally and in Saudi Arabia. We are proud to include Typhon and its team as members of the SAEV portfolio”. 

Peter McNulty, CEO of Typhon Treatment Systems, commented “Typhon is excited to have SAEV become a significant shareholder. This investment enables us to accelerate our growth and technology development plans.”

About Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures
Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures LLC (SAEV) is the corporate venturing subsidiary of Aramco, the world’s leading fully integrated energy and petrochemical enterprise. Headquartered in Dhahran with offices in North America, Europe and Asia, SAEV’s mission is to invest globally in start-up and high growth companies with technologies of strategic importance to Aramco.